As of late, I have been putting in a LOT of hours! It’s been a full work day at the studio and then coming home to a full night of work! I give myself just enough time to quickly eat dinner and then I’m sat in front of the computer for rest of the night until I must FORCE myself to go to sleep. I’ve been setting a lot of goals for myself lately. (Including a goal to get to sleep before 1am which I had definitely failed tonight!) iCreative has been keeping me super busy and I’m beyond excited getting ready to share it with everyone after all this hard work. Every day there seems to be a new & exciting discovery only prolonging the launch of my site, but I know soon I’ll get there. I realize as of right now I’m only blogging to myself, but I’m content with that. To be completely honest I’ve never really been much of a blogger anyways- but I’m hoping that with time I can make it part of my routine. We shall see. Anyways, that is all for tonight as my eyes are starting to shut on me as I’m typing these last words. Until next time… Goodnight!

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  • March 14, 2013 at 4:49 am // Reply

    Sleep good so you can put in another very full day of work tomorrow!

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