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My new cards just came in & though they are not THAT different, I’m still very excited!
Let me know what you think:

New Cards

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Time Flies

So I’m a bad blogger. But the good news… at least I’m trying! It’s Summer though and I think we can all agree that the summer just flies on by doesn’t it? So please forgive me! I’ve been staying pretty busy and iCreative has been doing good. I am finalizing a few logo designs this week and getting excited to share them pretty soon! My friends have been keeping me busy too! Everyone currently has so much going on in their lives. Between weddings, babies & new houses there is always something that someone needs! It’s a good thing! 🙂

I know I should be writing longer, but that’s all I’ve got for tonight. July tends to be one of the busiest months in the year- but at least I was able to write something (it’s better than nothing)!

Logo Design

I know that blogs are supposed to be somewhat of a more regular thing (and I’m hoping one day I will get there), but for now the monthly posts will have to suffice. Things have been going pretty good and iCreative has been keeping me busy! Lately I have been designing several different logos. It’s refreshing to see so many new companies starting out, even in this economy. A logo is the key element in successfully branding your identity as a company, and it’s great to see them start off on the right track! At the moment I am in the final stages of the creative process behind several different logo designs. Stay tuned, as I will be posting them as soon as they are ready to be shared with the world!

Hard work paid off!

So it’s official, the hard work paid off! After weeks and weeks of late nights…iCreative’s website is finally complete and I’m ready to share it with the world. Of course I’m sure I will be making small tweaks here and there, but I’m content for now and it feels good! To make things even more exciting, today marks the day I am an official business owner. Check it out:

Sole Proprietorship

Alma’s Cards

Check out Alma’s new business card design! Her cards came in today and they look great! I know she will be happy!
…Now I’m thinking it’s probably about time I order my own cards! 😉

Alma’s Cards


As of late, I have been putting in a LOT of hours! It’s been a full work day at the studio and then coming home to a full night of work! I give myself just enough time to quickly eat dinner and then I’m sat in front of the computer for rest of the night until I must FORCE myself to go to sleep. I’ve been setting a lot of goals for myself lately. (Including a goal to get to sleep before 1am which I had definitely failed tonight!) iCreative has been keeping me super busy and I’m beyond excited getting ready to share it with everyone after all this hard work. Every day there seems to be a new & exciting discovery only prolonging the launch of my site, but I know soon I’ll get there. I realize as of right now I’m only blogging to myself, but I’m content with that. To be completely honest I’ve never really been much of a blogger anyways- but I’m hoping that with time I can make it part of my routine. We shall see. Anyways, that is all for tonight as my eyes are starting to shut on me as I’m typing these last words. Until next time… Goodnight!

Today’s Quote

So I found this quote to be extremely relevant to the past week. In life there are always going to be obstacles and doubts, but don’t ever let your fear hold you back when it comes to going after the things you really want in life. I believe that the best things in life are worth fighting for.

Today's Quote


Quote of the Day

“Graphic Design is a creative process that uses design, art and technology
to communicate something meaningful.”

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